Talented From
The Top Down.

Our Leadership Team

Aimbridge Hospitality EMEA is built on intelligence, experience, dedication and integrity. We are committed to making a positive difference in the hospitality industry and this is exemplified by our executive leadership. Our top-level team enables our owners to experience remarkable operational success and achieve significant financial growth.

David Anderson Divisional President
Barry Dawson Senior Vice President of Hotel Finance
Carol Dodds Senior Vice President of Commercial
Niall Kelly Head of Development – EMEA
Liz Dixon Vice President of IT
Lorna Reid Vice President of Human Resources

From our corporate offices in Birmingham, Glasgow, and Amsterdam, to our team members in each hotel we manage, we strongly believe that people make the difference. Possessing over a century of combined experience in the hospitality industry, Aimbridge’s leadership team ensures superior returns for our owners.

Steve Terry Senior Vice President of Development
Sabina Wyss di Corrado Vice President of Development, Europe
Nicole Turnhout-Ammerlaan Vice President of Operations - Western Europe
Simon Bachelor Vice President of Operations
Steve Coulam Vice President of Operations
Douglas Winfield Vice President of Operations
Xavier Etcheberrigaray Director of Operations & Quality
Malcolm Allan Director of Operations and Quality