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Asserting Interstate at The Paris Asset Forum 2019

Asserting Interstate at The Paris Asset Forum 2019

December 4, 2019 | Community, News, Openings, Our Team, Signings


Aaron Greenman, Interstate’s Executive Vice President, Acquisitions & Development – International, spoke at the prestigious Paris Asset Forum recently, sharing his thoughts on how to continually add value to an asset, and the role that high performing third party management plays. Here, Aaron gives us an overview of the event.

What, in your own words, were the main points of focus of your presentation at the Paris Asset Forum?

The Paris Asset Forum is a wonderful opportunity annually to interact with key European advisors, brands and investors. The Forum also gives us all the opportunity to refocus our efforts on what, after all, matters most – the asset and asset lifecycle.

Our key message to all those attending was clear – that regardless of financial structure (freehold, lease, etc.) premier hotel management services and profit optimisation matter, and that Interstate leads the field in Europe in delivering such services.

Was the event useful from an Interstate point of view?

Interstate’s international development resources are in regular contact with France’s key hotel sector advisers and investors, but it is always helpful to have a day that brings everyone together (in such a wonderful venue) to catch up on the latest activity.

And, personally, as the husband of a French woman for 25 years, father of three French-American children, and a secondary resident of Burgundy for the past decade, it is always a welcome opportunity to be in the country.

What response did you receive to your presentation?

Everyone at the Forum is not only incredibly personable and pleasant but also extremely open and understanding of the value benefits of third party management.

We believe strongly, as they do, in the power of the long-term trends towards independent, professional management, with Interstate leading the charge.