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Maria and Pierre’s Big Adventure!

Maria and Pierre’s Big Adventure!

September 27, 2017 | Community, News, Openings, Our Team, Signings


In our latest blog Debbie Johnson, VP of Operations at Interstate Europe Hotels & Resorts, gives us the lowdown on an exciting new portfolio-wide charity initiative all in aid of Marie Curie.

We are delighted to be working with Marie Curie over the coming months as our charity of the year. They do such wonderful work to support people with a terminal illness that everyone at Interstate has really got behind the cause and is determined to do as much as possible to raise money for them.

As a team, we got our heads together to create a plan of how we could do something a bit different for the charity that would not only raise the funds we wanted but would also be fun for all our hotels to take part in. Also in the back of our minds was the fact that it’s the charities 70th anniversary next year so we were really keen to do something that celebrated Marie Curie’s origins and proud history.

So, after much deliberation, we are thrilled to be launching Maria and Pierre’s Big Adventure! This has seen us put two very special Interstate teddy bears out on the road – Maria and Pierre.

The real Marie (who was born Maria) and Pierre were married for 11 years before Pierre was unfortunately taken from Maria and their two girls. It was this partnership that awarded the family their first noble prize and after Pierre’s death Marie went on to achieve ground-breaking discoveries in science and it is after her that the charity was named when it was founded in 1948.

The Marie and Pierre bears have started their journeys on opposite sides of the UK, and each hotel will have a visit from one of them. The task for our staff is to help them move a step closer to each other in as many inventive and interesting ways as possible whilst working together to raise money for the charity.

As the bears continue on their UK travels we will keep everyone updated about how they get on. Please make sure you keep an eye on our Twitter and Instagram accounts @interstate_eur and follow the hashtags #MariaontheMove and #PierreontheMove for the latest on their progress!